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    Free COVID-19 Animations for Awareness

    Tip of the Week

    The tip that we brought this week is 2 in 1 – an excellent animation website and the campaign created by the same for providing free animations for COVID-19 awareness.

    For those who don’t know them yet, LottieFiles is a website that offers multi-platform animations, both free and for purchase. A great advantage of this tool is what they call “Lottie files” – animations in JSON format that can be added to any type of platform (web, mobile, etc.) as easily as adding static assets (GIF or MP4, for example). And there’s more – animations in Lottie format are resolution-independent, result in super small files and even allow users to interact with the animations.

    Now for the second part of the tip – in the face of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the consequent need for public awareness, LottieFiles made available a set of animations for free. Some of those were created by the platform and others by the community. If you, your company or your community are working on a project related to COVID-19, you can access this list of coronavirus animations and use any of them for free, without the need to make any reference to their platform.

    We hope you enjoyed this tip! Before you go, if you know other interesting animation websites or other tech initiatives related to coronavirus, please leave a comment below. Let’s share knowledge and information! 🙂

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