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    Charão | Leal

    WordPress Site

    One of the main objectives of the law firm Charão | Leal – Consultoria e Advocacia was to obtain a website that showed the outstanding quality of its services.

    As a highly personalized advocacy firm, they needed a website that transmitted, at the same time, the idea of modernity and authority in their field. To achieve this goal, we created an exclusive layout and a page structure that shows not only the institutional part of the company, but also produces quality content for its audience through the publication of events and videos.

    From a technical standpoint, the website was developed with WordPress and Bootstrap. With regard to WordPress, the vast majority of functionality was developed by us, using very few third-party plugins. The website layout is 100% responsive, adapting to devices of any size without compromising the user experience.

    At the end of the project, we delivered a site administration manual to the client, containing the step-by-step instructions for editing each part of the site without requiring technical knowledge.

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