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    Flávio Escobar

    WordPress Site

    This is the personal portfolio / blog of Flávio Escobar, CTO of CodeAces Digital Solutions.

    One of the main objectives was to build a single page website, showing all relevant information about Flavio’s curriculum, services and portfolio in the same place. Thus, the user experience becomes simple and practical by avoiding unnecessary navigation to other pages. The only exception is the Blog, which has a separate area in the website due to its nature of growing bigger as more articles are published.

    The site was developed in WordPress and the vast majority of functionality was created by us, using as few third-party plugins as possible. The layout is 100% responsive, adapting to devices of any size without affecting the user experience.

    We applied the concept of automated deploy – as the site code is updated in the repository (environment that stores the source code and controls its versions), the modified files are automatically uploaded to the hosting server, optimizing the process of updating the website.

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