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    How to decrease the RAM consumption of Google Chrome

    Your computer is running slow and you found out that Google Chrome is the culprit? This tip will help you solve the problem!

    Google Chrome is an excellent web browser. No wonder it’s the most used browser in the world, dominating a market share of nearly 64% according to StatCounter (accessed on June 8th, 2020).

    However, it has a very uncomfortable problem: its memory consumption is extremely high. Don’t you believe it? Go to yourself, type “google chrome ra” and see the search suggestions that will appear.

    Searching for "google chrome ra" on

    This problem gets even worse when users keep many tabs open at the same time – the greater the number of tabs open, the greater the consumption of RAM and CPU.

    At this point you may be asking yourself, “I know Google Chrome has this problem, but is there a way to fix it?” The answer is: YES, there is a solution and it is very easy to do.


    The Great Suspender – Google Chrome extension that dramatically reduces memory and CPU consumption

    The Great Suspender extension aims to reduce the RAM memory consumption of Google Chrome by suspending the tabs that have not been used for a certain period, which can be configured by the user. As you spend some time without using some tabs, the execution of any code and / or service in the background will be suspended there.

    “But what if I’m accessing important sites on some of these tabs and I don’t want them to be suspended?” No problem, you can click on The Great Suspender icon and choose the option “Never suspend this URL” or “Never suspend this domain”. Thus, the extension will make an exception for those sites that you want to keep active at all times.


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